Why ozone air purification?

Air purification like in nature

We all know that hygiene and a clean environment are important for our health. But what about the air we breathe during the day in busy cities or indoors? You will be surprised by the large numbers of unwanted elements around us that can make us sick or irritate us.

Diamond Air offers the solution against polluted indoor air.


Bacteria 001


Viruses 001


Moulds 001

A disease can spread through the air. Diseases are mainly caused by bacteria, viruses, and mold. These are transmitted through coughing, sneezing, airborne dust, or liquid nebulization.

There are many different applications where ozone can be used for air purification.

Industry 001

Agro horticulture

Agro horticultural disinfection of young plants

Industry 002

Livestock farming

Livestock odor control

Industry 003


Slaughterhouse emission control

PublicAreas 002


Disinfection of indoor air in childcare

PublicAreas 003


Automotive odor removal for long trips

PublicAreas 001

Living spaces

For clean air
inside your home


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