Diamond Air In-line PRO

Disinfect bacteria, viruses, and mold

100% Odor Removal

High quality
safe product

Plug & Play components

GMP ready

Diamondair product inline tabel UK


  • Connection voltage: 230V / 50Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 50W
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C ..... +50°C
  • Max. Relative humidity: 80%
  • Fuse: 0.5A (230V slow)

Scientifically proven technology

The fleece filter is required as pre-filter for large dust particles. After ozone generation a minimal length of 5 meters ducting is required. This is to let the ozone have sufficient time to react with the polluted air. It is possible that more ozone is produced than necessary to clean the air. The excess ozone will be blocked by the in-line carbon filter. This will also filter all fine particles. The disinfected and clean air is blown to your desired area by the fan.

The Diamond air in-line system can be made for any specific capacity. The various components have been selected to function as an optimal system.
1. Fleece filter
2. Ozone generator for disinfection and odor removal
3. In-line activated carbon filter for blocking ozone and filtering small dust particles
4. Air extractor. Available as AS or EC extractor.

Airflow in (semi) closed system

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Diamond Air In line system Tekening DU 001

Air flow outputs in (semi) closed areas

The ozone can be blocked by using an in-line carbon filter at the output of the ventilation system. 
Ozone will be blocked by the carbon and will break down to oxygen again.

Diamond Air In line system Tekening DU 002


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