Air Titan UV-C Sanitizer

24/7 indoor air disinfection (mold, bacteria, and viruses)

Easy installation in rooms, plug & play standalone. Increasing capacity can be achieved by placing multiple devices in a room. Moist air passes through the surface of the UV lamp and titanium dioxide (photocatalysis), triggering a natural oxidation process that disinfects the air and releases negative ions and hydrogen peroxide molecules that clean surfaces.


  • Disinfection capacity: up to 120 m2 or 1290 ft2
  • Max. power consumption: 75 Watt (230V 50/60 Hz)
  • UV-C Lamp: 2x 16 Watt
  • Ionizer: 5,000,000 ions/cm3
  • Active carbon fleece filter: class G4


  • Easy plug-and-play standalone
  • Fully secure 24/7 indoor operation
  • Fully maintainable filter and UV lamp
  • Tested and certified by independent laboratories
Air Titan UVC Sanitizer 001


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